The concept of Insieme stems from the aspiration to do business, to do it young and in a city, like Milan, that is dynamic, proactive and full of stimuli.

Federica and Alessandro, who team up both in work and real life, are the minds behind the idea.

A selection of Mediterranean products, deeply rooted within the territory, together with some peculiar, surprise ingredients are at the heart of their cuisine.

This new perspective brings a fresh and dynamic approach in a mid-range market whose offer, in Milan, is still scarce.

“Commitment to the customer and conviviality: the key principles underlying our approach.”

Highly personalized surroundings, open kitchen, three types of seating: classical, county, and convivial.

Insieme is “the ultimate expression of what we are”

Insieme is something made for Us, and for You! Come and see!


Alessandro Garlando

Owner and Chef

Born 1991, in Milan. Alessandro, after a thriving career rich with both domestic and abroad experiences, puts together a simple but yet peculiar cuisine. Is the product of local tradition with a deep-rooted connection with the Mediterranean identity, one of the most fertile areas for food culture.

“Top notch products are the beating heart of any good cuisine. You need to put a lot of effort into choosing them, with due respect for flavours, otherwise your dish will be ruined. In a way, you really need to fall in love with your ingredients.”

Federica Caretta

Owner and Restaurant Manager

Born 1993 in Apulia, Milanese by adoption. Two degrees in Economics and a burning passion for restaurant business brought her on a different path: the Front of the House is her environment of choice, from where she moves forward treasuring each life and work experience.

Determined, passionate and a sheer perfectionist, Federica is always looking for new stimuli. She really thinks customer care the cornerstone of a successful business.

“The dining hall is… like a stage show!”